Monday, 29 February 2016

Facts about Hair

Dr. Harsh Kumar provides Best Hair Transplant in Chandigarh share some facts about Hair. Few years ago we realized that my friend has an small bald spot on her head. This was definitely a very traumatic experience for us, we were afraid that she had some kind of sickness and she’d end up completely bald. She went to the doctor and we were very relieved that she has actually some kind of Alopecia that was caused by some work stress. The doctor explained her that with some medicament and relieving the actual cause of the stress she would soon be free of that annoying bald spot. After a few weeks after that conversation with her doctor, the spot was completely covered in hair and we soon forgot the whole matter.

I’m sure some of you have at some point had the same experienced, so I decided to write a post about the hair loss. I’ve done some research and here a few facts I found:
  1. Our hair is made of a protein called keratin.
  2. A hair consists in a hair shaft (what we see), a root below the skin, and a follicle from which the hair roots grows.
  3. The hair’s color pigment, or melanin is produced at the hair bulb which is located at the lower end of the follicle.
  4. A 50 to 100 hairs loss a day is considered normal. Any amount of hair over that, might mean that something is wrong.
  5. Hair loss is directly connected to stress, sometimes that stress is caused by excessive work, family problems or major illness or surgeries.
  6. Hair loss can be caused by hormonal problems, and correcting the hormone imbalance may stop the hair loss. Hormones problems can be cause by and overactive or under-active thyroid gland. This can happen with men the same way that with women due to an imbalance of the androgen(male hormones) or estrogen(female hormones)
  7. Hair loss can be frequent after 3 months of giving birth, this is also a hormone disorder problems; during pregnancy high level of specific hormones usually cause the body to keep the hair that was supposed to fall naturally. So is considered normal that when the hormones acquire the before pregnancy levels, that hair falls and start the natural growth and loss cycle.
  8. Hair loss is caused by the use of certain medicines or treatments, specially blood thinner medicines (anticoagulants), gout medicines, chemotherapy medicines(used for cancer treatment), Vit A (in big amounts) as well as birth control pills and antidepressants. Hair loss should stop when you stop taking the medicines or doing the treatment. You should communicate your concerns to your physician and he can suggest you a change of medicines or treatment that won’t cause you the hair loss.
  9. Hair loss can be caused by fungal infections of the scalp, and can be treated with anti-fungal medicines.
  10. Hair loss can be caused by the use of tight pigtails, cornrows, hair rollers and well as by hot oil treatment or chemicals frequently used in permanents (perms). This kind of hair loss is called traction alopecia and can stop when the pulling and the use of chemicals stop.
  11. One kind of hair loss called alopecia areata is caused by the person’s own immune system. This autoimmune disease starts in small round bald patches on the scalp and can get bigger in some cases. The hair often grows back naturally withing the year but those patients might experience that kind of alopecia again.
  12. Hair loss can be caused by poor nutrition. Anorexic and bulimic people lose their hair because their body doesn’t get the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals to make the hair grow. Vegetarian persons can also experience some kind of hair loss if they don’t get enough proteins from non-meat resources.
  13. A very frequent kind of alopecia commonly called male-pattern is actually called androgenetic alopecia. This might be caused not only by genetic factors but by a combination of many other factors including hormones. This can start from the mid-teen years and is frequent on patients who take steroids.
  14. You can benefit and take good care of your hair by eating a balanced, healthy diets.
  15. As a hair loss treatment some doctors advice to use baby shampoo and no more than one a day.
  16. You should avid rubbing your hair too vigorously with the towel, you should let it dry naturally.
  17. If you are experiencing hair loss or you have a genetic factor that might cause you hair loss, you should avoid using a blow dryer or if is absolutely necessary then use it on a lowest heat setting.
  18. Is better to style your hair when dry or damp, if you do it while your hair is wet, it can stretch and easily break.
  19. Avoid the use of chemical if you have experiencing hair loss.
  20. If you are about to start chemicals for your hair, like straighteners or color, you should try first on a small spot on the back to check for allergies and hair loss, then after a few days proceed to the application to your whole hair.


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